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ITCPower has been committed to the development of mobile lighthouses, trailer lighthouses and solar lighthouses for many years. Now a complete industrial chain has been formed, which can quickly process various orders.

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The SG-L1200D is a LED trailer light tower, the SG-H4000D is a Metal Halide type. They are suitable for a wide range of applications including large outdoor events, sports fields, construction and work sites, workshop, farming, logistics, rural and hard to reach areas and temporary public lighting.



The SG-L1200D model boasts high efficiency, the highly efficient LED provides light coverage 4000 square meters.
The SG-H4000D type boasts high efficiency, the highly efficient Metal Halide provides light coverage 4000 square meters.    Diesel trailer light tower uses less fuel than traditional lighting systems. The diesel engine can run for long periods without requiring significant maintenance, which reduces operating costs and increases uptime.



Easy to transport the SG-L1200D & SG-H4000D lighting tower features 4 pneumatic off road tyres. Towering 7 metres in height from the ground the SG-L1200 & SG-H4000 provide excellent illumination of large areas requiring temporary lighting.

Mains or generator powered the SG-L1200D & SG-H4000D can be used with existing 230 volt power supply equipment, due to low power consumption the generator is also available to run other electrical equipment.

ITC light towers are able to run from either 110v or 230v – please specify the voltage required when ordering.


 Lighting Tower ModelSG-L1200DSG-H4000D
 LightLEDMetal Halide
 Light Power(W)4*3004*1000
 Lumen (Lm)120000300000
 Light Coverage (m2)40004000
 Max Height  (m)7
 Max. Wind Speed (km/h)80
 Max. towing Speed (km/h)60
 BrakeParking brake
 Towing couplingBall Couping
 Diemntions & Weight (Including Generator)  
 Min. Size(mm)2530*1100*2250
 Max. Size(mm)2600*2270*7000
 Weight (kg)700
 Loading Capacity FCL 20’/40’HQ (units)4/9
 Generator ModelDG7500XSEm
 Cooling SystemWater 
 Engine Speed(rpm)1500/1800
 Generator Power (KW)5
 Voltage / Phase230V / 1Ph
 Current (A)21.7
 Fuel Tank Capacity (L)55
 Running Time (75% Load)>24H
 Sound Pressure Level  dB(A)@7m60


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