Introduction of 3m, 5m and 9m light towers.


Introduction to Diesel Light towers

In construction light towers, mining, oil and gas, and outdoor activities. Adequate lighting at night is critical for safety, productivity, and success. One of the most popular solutions to this problem is to use a light tower. Light towers are tall mobile structures equipped with bright lights. Provide lighting for dark areas. These towers are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. There are many types of lighthouses, the most common being 3m, 5m and 9m light towers. Let’s introduce each type of light tower and explore their characteristics and applications.


Let’s start with the 3m light tower. 3m Light tower is a compact, portable lighting solution. Ideal for small outdoor activities, construction and maintenance tasks, and emergencies. There are usually four to six lights, which can provide up to 3000 square meters of lighting. The tower is easy to transport and takes only minutes to set up. It’s also very fuel-efficient, with a tank that lasts up to 60 hours.


The larger size of the 5m light tower makes it a popular choice for large outdoor events, mining and construction sites, and oil and gas exploration. This type of light tower is much taller than the 3m version and can provide lighting up to 5000 m². It usually has 4 to 8 lights. Then attached to the telescopic mast. The mast is raised and lowered using a hydraulic system. This allows for easy adjustment of light direction and intensity. The 5m lighthouse also has a larger fuel tank compared to the 3m version, providing up to 100 hours of continuous operation.


The 9m light tower is the largest and most powerful of the three types. It is designed for heavy-duty applications including large construction projects, mining operations and oil and gas exploration in remote areas. A 9m lighthouse typically has 6 to 12 lights attached to a telescoping mast, providing up to 9000m² of illumination. Like the 5m version, the mast can be raised and lowered via a hydraulic system. The 9m lighthouse has the largest fuel tank and can operate continuously for up to 170 hours. Some models also come with additional features such as noise reduction systems, remote controls and fuel monitoring systems.

In summary, lighthouses are important tools for the construction, mining, oil and gas, and outdoor activities industries. The designs of 3m, 5m and 9m lighthouses meet different lighting needs and can provide lighting for areas of different sizes. Choosing the right lighthouse will depend on the specific application and lighting requirements. Cost-effective, efficient and easy to operate, lighthouses are a great investment for any company that needs adequate lighting at night.

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