Light Tower Manufacturer

2008 — 2024

As a reliable light tower manufacturer, ITCPOWER is also engaged in international trade and can handle wholesale orders with container capacity.


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Products Development

Our product development begins in our technical department, which uses specific 3D design software. The production department uses the latest technology for laser cutting and folding of ferrous metal materials. Besides, the R&D department conducts a large number of technological innovations every year to optimize our products and production technology to make our light tower more competitive in the market.


Polyurethane powder coating of components perform and manage in-house. Special protective treatments against corrosive weather elements mixed during the painting stage ensure the longevity and resilience of our products. So we can promise our customers that our products are rust-proof, not afraid of rain, and have high corrosion resistance.

As a reliable light tower manufacturer, we have multiple assembly lines that can build various models of lighthouses at the same time, ensuring the fastest delivery and the best quality.



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